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Working with Employers – We work with you to find the perfect candidate for your company. Our candidates cover a wide range of skills and experience levels.  We work with companies looking to fill openings from full-time, career-level positions requiring real-world experience to entry-level jobs for people new to the job market.   We interview, test, and present appropriate candidates.  We will help you fill temporary positions requiring any level of skill or experience. We have a vast database of candidates, and we are always interviewing new candidates as they become available.


Job Seekers

Working with Job Seekers – Are you looking to advance your career or just looking to get back into the job market? We work with job seekers every day to figure out what the ideal position is for you. The job seekers we work with are people of varying degrees of experience and skill.  We work with people new to the job market looking for an entry-level position and people with years of experience looking for their next significant career opportunity. The positions we have available are full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal. We are dedicated to helping you find your ideal job.

The Original No Fee Temp-To-Perm Program

Clients looking to hire accounting & finance professionals, administrative support, or other positions may take advantage of our signature no fee temp-to-perm program.  This program offers your company a no-risk way to bring new people on-board.  Essex will interview, screen, and test candidates for you to interview.  Once hired through our Temp-to-Perm program, they will remain on the Essex payroll through the probationary period then transition to your company at no additional costs to you. Learn how our Temp-to-Perm Program and benefit you.

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What to Look For On a Resume


Reviewing resumes is a time-consuming task that can be as boring as it can be stressful.  When you post a job opening, the chances are you are going to be fielding a lot of calls and receive several applications and resumes.  If you utilize a job recruiter website such as Indeed, you might get hundreds of responses to a job listing.





Promoting Retention


Having people leave is expensive. Not only does the loss put extra pressure on others to get the work done, but you have also lost the time and expense of training.  You also lose the experience that comes along with that time and training. Hiring a new person and training that person can be time-consuming and put even more pressure on other workers to take up the slack while the new person learns the job.

When a person leaves, there could be a loss of morale. There is also the possibility...

Working From Home


Never has it been more necessary to have business practices, equipment, and technology in place to allow employees to work from home.  As the workforce struggles to meet the needs arising from this pandemic, industries are either adapting to sending its employees home or closing up shop.  In some cases, for good.





Links to Get You Started

Online Employment Application – To get started, fill out our online employment application.  Your application will be added to our online database and be available for potential employers to find.  Your application will be sorted based on your levels of experience and skill as well as the job titles you have help and those you are looking for.  Employer will browse the applications and if they find your application and want to meet with you, we will contact you to set up the interview.  As our recruiters work with employers, if they recognize a position that may possibly be a good fit for you, we will present your resume to the employer for consideration.  It all starts with the Online Application.  Get Started Today.

Online Employment Verification While you are interviewing for a job, there are times when a potential employer will want to verify your previous employment, especially when you have temporary work listed on your resume.  The Essex Companies makes is easy for you to request verification of your employment with us.  Please fill out this form with all of the necessary information.  Please include any letters or forms you receive requesting the verification.  We will review the request and provide appropriate verification of your employment with The Essex Companies.