The Original No Fee Temp-To-Perm Program

The Original No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program

Working With Employers Searching for their Next Great Talent Since 1966


The Essex Companies has been innovating the New York Employment Market since we opened our doors in 1966.  When it comes to employment and find the perfect fit between employer and job seeker, we have seen it all.  Trends change and even jobs and companies change.  It is vital to change with the times.


It also helps when you are in a position to create the change.  This is what The Essex Companies has been doing for more than 50 years.  Our greatest innovation to the employment industry is the No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program.


Hire New Employees at No Risk to Your Company


When you work with The Essex Companies to locate your newest employees, we will do all of the legwork to find and interview the candidates.  We will screen and even test these candidates to ensure that we send over people who are not only the best candidates based on skills, but are also a great fit your your company and culture.

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New Employees Remain on the Payroll of Essex Temporary Services for the Probationary Period

The major advantage of our No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program is that it is a completely No-Risk program.  When companies hire a new person, there is usually a probationary period for some amount of time at the beginning of the employment.  This is generally the time of the greatest risk fo the hiring company.


 Depending what the source, the percentage of people who leave a job in the first 90 days is somewhere between 20% and 33%.  That is a staggering amount of people.  This puts the hiring company at a high level of risk since the cost of training is high and the cost of hiring a new employee, including benefits and other legal requirements is also high.


When you utilize our No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program through Essex Temporary Services, your new employee remains on our payroll throughout the new employees probationary period.  After the probationary period is over, the changes of the employee remaining with your company is greatly increased.  At that point, we transition the employee to your company payroll at no additional cost to you.

Our No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program Protects Mitigates the Risks if Hiring New Employees

Competition for new jobs is at an all-time high.  You want to make sure that you are hiring the best person for the job.  The best person is one that has the appropriate skill set, attitude, and overall outlook.  You want someone who will fit into the culture of your business.  The Essex Companies makes this process much easier through our experience in placing the right people in the right positions.


We are experienced in the art of interviewing, and we have the appropriate systems to screen and test candidates before they are presented to you as a possibility for your open position.  Hiring new employees requires a keen eye and awareness of those details that less experienced recruiters and hiring managers will miss.


The Essex Companies and Essex Temporary Services will increase the changes of a successful hire.  Call our office and speak with an Essex Job Recruiter to discuss our No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program and how it will benefit you.

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