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Working With Employers Since 1966


The Essex Companies is very familiar with the job market in New York and New Jersey.  In fact, we have been a big part of shaping employment and recruiting new talent in the New York Metropolitan Area.


Over the years, we have established excellent relationships with many companies. We have helped so many businesses fill open positions at every level from Entry Level to Executive “C-Suite” positions.


The Essex Companies Finds Candidates that are a Good Fit for Your Company


One of the essential parts of your business is your corporate culture.  Even companies in the same field are not the same due to the culture of the business.  Some businesses are more laid back, and some are formal.  Many things differentiate one company from another.  When it comes to finding a candidate, it is not enough to find people who have the skill-set, you need to find people who will fit in and excel in your companies culture and style.

Finding a solution starts with a phone call...

NY: 212.391.1515  NJ: 201.996.1919

Access to a Wide Variety of Job-Seekers

The recruiters at The Essex Companies are talking to new job-seekers every day.  We have an extensive list of candidates and resumes.  When you work with The Essex Companies to fill a vacancy, we will screen the candidates we have available and only send over the people who we feel are a fit for your company.


We are the first contact with job-seekers, and we will are able to tell, through your guidelines and our experience, whether a person is a good candidate for your open position.


Finding the right person is a very time-consuming process.  You have more to do then focus on one open position.  At The Essex Companies, our business is to put in the time that you can’t afford to put into wading through all of the resumes.  We will review the resumes we receive and interview the candidates, only sending you the people who are serious possibilities.

The Essex Companies is the first agency to offer a No-Fee Temp-to-Perm program.

Opening in 1966, The Essex Companies has been through every major event over the last 50-plus years.  We have through every boom and every economic downturn.  Regardless of what is going on, there are always businesses looking to hire.  The Essex Companies has been in the forefront of the employment industry across six decades.  We have the experience you need to ensure that your open positions will be filled with the best possible candidate.

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