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The Essex Companies has been in business helping people look for employment since 1966.  We have seen it all when it comes to finding a job for people all across New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester.


The Essex Companies Will Find the Position that is Right for You


Finding a job or a new career is not just a matter of finding a company that happens to have an opening.  We have relationships with many businesses, and we will work to find the right company for you.  You are looking for a position where you can grow and get yourself to the next level.  The recruiters at The Essex Companies want you to succeed!  We want to make sure you find the position that will help you to achieve all of your goals.

Finding a solution starts with a phone call...

NY: 212.391.1515  NJ: 201.996.1919

Access to a Wide Variety of Employers

We will get to know who you are.  Whether you are looking for your first job, starting on a new career out of college, or looking for advancement, The Essex Companies will work with you to find the right position.


We are actively working with businesses that have open positions to fill.  Since opening our doors, we have built relationships with businesses of every type and of every size.  We have placed candidates with companies that range in size from a small business to Fortune 500 organizations with offices all over the world.


We understand the New York area job market.  We have helped to shape the New York Market with cutting edge ideas to help Job Seekers ensure they are making the right decision.  The Essex Companies is the first company to introduce a No-Fee Temp-to-Perm program.

Stand Out from the Crowd by working with The Essex Companies

Looking for a job in today’s digital age can be a challenging and daunting task.  Searching for a job is no longer a matter of finding a company you like and sending in your resume.  To find a position on your own, you have to compete with countless others by posting your resume through different websites.  When you work with The Essex Companies, you have a recruiter that is working with you to get your resume directly to the people who are making the decisions.


Give yourself an advantage and call The Essex Companies and find your new career and your new passion.

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