About us

Family-owned and well-respected in the tri-state community, The Essex Companies is a full-service staffing firm and so much more!


Established in 1966, we pride ourselves on having developed – and maintained – long-standing relationships with hundreds of companies in the metropolitan NYC area...


Why choose us

  1. Long-term cooperation

    Once you submit your resume and employment verification, your information remains in our database and accessible to employers who have new positions opening up daily. When jobs matching your experience, skill, and professional qualities become available, we will contact you.
  2. Honesty and openness

    Some of our available positions are part-time or temporary. These positions are not full-time or permanent. Often these positions do not offer a full set of benefits. If you are looking for a full-time job, we will not steer you in a direction you do not want to go. We will work with you to find the position you want.
  3. Unique services

    We have been in business for over 50 years. We understand the New York area job market.  We will help you achieve your employment goals. Whether you are looking for a full-time position to advance your career or you are looking for temporary or part-time to gain new work experience or help to pay the bills.

Our Mission

When it comes to matching the perfect candidate with the ideal position, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We have built our excellent reputation through hard work and by having the tenacity to find, screen, and present the best candidates available in the Tristate area. We only work with reputable companies.   We know that when we offer a job opportunity to a candidate, they will have the best opportunity to show that they are the right candidate for the position.


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We expect the same from the employers and the job seekers with whom we work.

Our features

The Original Temp-to-Perm Program

Inform Essex of the open position, and we will advertise, interview, screen, test, and present you with the best candidates we can find. If you decide to hire one of the Essex candidates, they will work through the Essex No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program.

The employee will remain on the Essex payroll through the probationary period with no risk to you.

After the probationary period the employee will transition to your payroll.  There are no costs to you for the final transition. There is no obligation, no long-term contracts, and no unemployment costs to you should the employee not work out

Our vision

With over 50 years in the staffing industry, we have fine-tuned our recruitment processes.   We will offer you the most suitable applicant for your specific needs.  Our database of potential candidates is continuously growing.  We will utilize our significant experience and connections, as well as a variety of online databases and tools.  We ensure that we are presenting the most excellent candidates available to your business.

Essex Recruiters puts potential candidates through multiple levels of interviews and screening.   We use specific industry testing when applicable and sophisticated interviewing techniques to assess their skills, knowledge, and work background appropriately. We also offer clients the ability to view some recently interviewed candidates instantly online.